Staged Reading

PDX Playwrights presents

Living Things: A Musical Anthology

Written by Archie Washington

Music by Curtis Settino & Courtney Rainwater

Directed by Evan Tait

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 21 @ 12pm; Jan 27 @ 9pm

VENUE: Hipbone Studio,
1847 E Burnside St.



While existing in its own reality, Living Things: A Musical Anthology will engage your imagination in entertaining and moving vignettes, with a unique assortment of characters that live and sing in love, in fear, and in hope. A lost butterfly is rescued by a sex-crazed moth. Martian probes fight over the meaning of life. A tree in a mall falls for a carousel horse. Carnival targets are tired of being hit. Model rocket parts resist another mission. House flies devour experiences before the inevitable. Children’s bedclothes escape into the night for an adventure. This show is being presented for the first time to the public with local actors and live music. Comment cards will be available before and after the performances.