World Premiere 10-Minute Plays

PCC Students Present

LONG STORY SHORT: 10 minute plays

Written and directed by Tayde Ramirez, Richard Sangeleer, John Pfeil, J.J. Lostica, Garrett DeRose/David Traynor and Matt Sorensen/Brad Sosinski

Creative Advisor, Gail Jeidy

FESTIVAL DATES: Thursdays, Jan 18 and 25 @ 7:30pm

VENUE: MAHB 104 auditorium,
Portland Community College,
Cascade campus,
705 N. Killingsworth St.,
Portland, OR 97217


Six Portland Community College playwrights walk their works onto the stage in Long Story Short: 10-minute plays. The plays were written in PCC Creative Writing Scriptwriting classes and celebrated in a handbook of 10-minute student plays produced Summer 2017. “This is our world premiere,” says Gail Jeidy, Scriptwriting instructor and creative advisor to the performance. “Students are drawn to this short form which gives full voice to their stories.” The diverse works pose questions of sexuality (Enough Wine to Kill a Horse – Sorensen) and coming to terms with family in the AI age (Sage– Pfeil).  One showcases the chat between two runners in the 10-minutes before a championship race (5K – Lostica) and another explores what happens when an everyday shopper meets a sentient self-check-out station (Barcodes – DeRose). There’s a complete telenovela in under 10 minutes (Beautifully Ugly – Ramirez) and a tortured take on the writing process (Last Call – Sangeleer). Playwrights Tayde Ramirez, Richard Sangeleer, John Pfeil and J.J. Lostica direct their original works. Garrett DeRose’s Barcodes is directed by David Traynor;  Sorensen’s Enough Wine to Kill a Horse is directed by Brad Sosinski. (Language advisory)