SUNDAY ~ February 7

Madonna of the Cat
By Sue Mach
Directed by Jane Unger
Producer: Sue Mach Productions

In Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale (1610), King Leontes of Sicilia puts his wife Hermione on public trial because he believes she’s having an affair with his best friend, King Polixenes of Bohemia. His accusation is baseless, and by the time the trial is over, Leontes is responsible for the death of his son Mamillius, the banishment of his infant daughter Perdita (left unattended to perish in the wilderness), Hermione’s presumed demise, and the death by bear mauling of his friend Antigonus. Unbeknownst to Leontes, Hermione and Perdita live. Perdita is found and raised by shepherds in Bohemia, and Hermione’s friend Paulina sequesters her for 16 years until Perdita can safely return to Sicily. Madonna of the Cat is an audio version of a workshop reading that imagines what happens during those 16 years. The reading features Grace Carter, Jacklyn Maddux, Luisa Sermol, Agatha Olson, Bruce Burkhartsmeier, and Brian Meyers. The soundscape is created by Jim Brunberg.  A live Zoom talk-back will follow the recording in which audience members can discuss the script as well as some of the issues it tackles, such as loss, transformation, and forgiveness. Audio workshop reading.

(68 minutes)

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