CoHo Productions & Julia Bray present

Matter Is Mother

Written, directed & performed

by Julia Bray

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 22, 23 @ 7:30pm

VENUE: CoHo Theatre,
2257 NW Raleigh St.




Matter is Mother is a one-woman magical comedy that explores the parallels between the way we treat the earth and our possessions with the ways in which we treat the forgotten feminine within all bodies. Set at a mythical all-inclusive tropical resort, a legend tells of a great motherly sea creature named Sona who eats her human children’s literal and figurative trash. If a human has properly honored and reckoned with their discarded items and the feelings attached to them, Sona will recycle the energy—if not, they must deep sea dive to face that which they’ve abandoned within themselves. As the blissfully unaware guests arrive for vacation and are faced with the threat of Sona, the audience is coaxed into a tropical world of feeling through character-driven monologues, projected visuals, original dance and song, and the occasional splash of water. Developed within the CoHo Lab, Matter is Mother offers environmental science cloaked in raucous comedy and solutions for healing wrapped in poetry and performance.