Dr. Tallulah presents
New Frontiers in Vaginal Consciousness (VAGCON™)

By Kelly Nesbitt
Creative Support by Giovanni Fusetti, Joyful Raven, Jen Mitas, Anet Ris & Eleanor O’Brien

Festival Dates: Jan 19, 20, 21 @ 8pm (at Lightbox Kulturhaus); Jan 27, 28, 29 @ 8pm (at SomaSpace)

Venues: Lightbox Kulturhaus (Jan 19-21)
2027 NE MLK Blvd.

SomaSpace (Jan 27-29)
4050 NE Broadway St.

Tickets: $12

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Dr. Tallulah is a fiery Shamanic Healer, Sexual Activist, Zen Cosmetologist and Vaginal Consciousness (VAGCON™) Pioneer. Imagine a metaphysical cross between Archie Bunker, Dr. Ruth, Carol Burnett, Edith Bouvier Beale and Maria Bamford. VAGCON™ is a workshop/performance led by Dr. Tallulah that integrates group thrusting, fake orgasmic breathing, 3rd eye rubbing, traumatic storytelling (with a twist!) and consumption of powerful jungle medicine. We utilize Qi-Gong Gi-Long foam rolling movement techniques, laughter-based therapy, and reversed Gestaltian methods to emphasize the phenomenality of both client (Dr. Tallulah) and therapist (Audience) to safely cultivate attunement, freedom and reconnect with our VAGCON™. This is the work! Anyone interested in becoming more connected to the VAGCON™ is welcome – beginners, cismales, wounded healers, laymen, seasoned practitioners. No vagina is necessary to tap into the fold!

This original story taps into the zeitgeist of a New Age baby boomer generation and walks the line between satire and the performer’s (Nesbitt) own vulnerability in her quest for intimacy. It’s a combination of pratfall/seriousness and uses pathos/audience participation in her descent into the exploration of her sexuality that reveals her heart’s truest desire. It’s poignant, raw, zany, hilarious, grotesque, absurd and brilliant. You’ll laugh, sigh, possibly cry. For mature audiences.

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