THURSDAY ~ January 28

Oh Myh Dating Hell

By Myhraliza Aala
Directed by Nikki Flinn
Producer: Aala Is Possible*

From the writer and producer of short film, Brightside, Oh Myh Dating Hell, follows the story of Myh, a Filipina-American, who is not only struggling to find a place for her artistic voice late in the game as an already established high powered lawyer and tenured professor; but also in finding love to meet her parents expectation of achieving success as a married woman. While Myh has since passed her “prime,” age to get married, Myh remains hopeful as she seeks non-traditional ways to find love. Attempting to flow with the modernization of dating in the world of technology, she enlists in several online dating apps and discovers how naïve she really is when it comes to dating in the cyber world. The show takes on challenges of female independence, vulnerability, cultural expectation, and tells the story through a comedic lens, in workshopped form, with the intent to pilot as a TV sitcom. This will be a world-premiere production, featuring Myhraliza Aala as the lead and with Nikki Flinn as a guest director.

(Appropriate for 18+, 38 minutes)

*GROW AWARD recipient

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