PDX Playwrights presents
Pas de Dieux: A Dance of (no) Gods

By John Ernest Servilio
Festival Dates: Jan 21, 29 @ 7pm

Venue: Hipbone Studio
1847 E. Burnside St.

Tickets: $10

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In the near future five people living on the street watch the end of the world go by: Sham has seen it coming, and carries a satchel containing proof; Karla refuses to believe it is happening, because a positive outlook has always served her in the past; Nickle, a foul-mouthed believer with St. Vitus Dance, has been trying to die in the arms of God for a while, but dying with everyone else doesn’t feel so special; Crown is disturbed most by the failure of a system he was once so good at manipulating, yet no longer functions; and Mina, the poet, atheist, and reluctant hero, must be the one to conjure up the most procreative of transformations in the presence of a dying world. With nothing left to lose, what is it these five ill-matched people possess that can bring the world back from the brink? Both funny and poignant, Pas de Dieux is a consideration of what it means to have hope, lose hope, screw hope, and dance for your enemy.