Twilight Theater Company presents


By Redmond Reams
Directed by JJ Harris


Festival Dates: Jan 24 @ 7pm: Jan 29, 30 @ 8pm


Twilight Theater Company
7515 N. Brandon Ave.

Tickets: $15

Purchase tickets: |503-847-9838


Fifteen-year-old Mark needs to figure out who he is, separate from his parents. But which ones –his adoptive ones whose flaws seem very evident to Mark or his birth parents about whom he has only heard vague, negative stories about? What about his other relationships? His best friend, new girlfriend, state caseworker, favorite teacher…what can Mark learn about himself in these relationships? Mark uses poetry, his interactions and his drive to know himself and his background to explore his identity. How do the grown-ups who love Mark cope with all of this? Follow his and his family’s journey in Perspective, the third in a play cycle investigating Marks life at various ages. Shadows when he was a traumatized toddler removed to foster care and subsequently adopted and Threshold when he was 5 years old and terrified to go out into the bigger world symbolized by Kindergarten. The first two plays in this series will be performed on Jan. 24 at 1pm and 3pm. More information at