THEATRE   Staged Reading
Count The Ways Productions presents:
Pledging Allegiance
by Johanna Courtleigh
Director:  David Ford
And special thanks to Joshua Townshend

FESTIVAL DATES: streaming on-demand Jan 27 – Feb 6
REQUESTED DONATION:   $10+  (no one turned away for lack of funds)

“We are to rise and repeat the oath.  Renouncing allegiance to the lands from which we came.  Pledging to defend the constitution and bear arms on behalf of this, our new home.

Bear arms?!   I make up my own words.  Mumbling.  Reluctant.  Vowing to defend the planet and to serve humanity.  As hoots and whoops go out, and behind me, a short, round Honduran man waves in a frantic joy the little red, white and blue souvenir stars and stripes we have each received in our welcome packets.

I have put this off for decades . . .”

Pledging Allegiance weaves together three journeys.  My grandmother’s exodus from Lithuania when she was just a small girl.  My ‘naturalization’ experience, becoming a U.S. citizen in the time of Trump.  And a challenging encounter with an immigration official, crossing the border on a train.

A braid of stories about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in North America.

A multi-character solo performance, written and performed by Johanna Courtleigh, writer/performer of Wild Bill and Olding, presented at Fertile Ground, 2019 and 2020.