FRIDAY ~ February 5

Prismagic Radio Hour
By Petra Delarocha
Directed by Petra Delarocha
Producer: Prismagic

Petra, one of Prismagic’s co-founders, has been wanting to go into film for many years. One of the major influences in her work is Alejandro Jodorowsky, famed creator of the film The Holy Mountain, and most recently Endless Poetry. Like, Jodorowsky, Petra uses subliminal messages through imagery and movement to urge her audience to transform. While live circus performance has always been her passion, there is something quintessentially precious about creating a work of art that an audience can keep and watch over and over. 

A chance meeting outside the burrito shop with the incredible Zahra Garret solidified these plans. Now, with Zahra as videographer, and Petra as producer and writer, Prismagic is finally making a movie.

The Prismagic Radio Hour is an art film variety show throwback to music video countdowns and pirate radio stations. The movie features local circus talent including the amazing Gerrin Mitchell, Feral Dance Crew, aerialists Petra Delarocha and Alison Lockfeld, Curious Comedy Theater’s Kristen Schier, Circus Luminescence, and an all original score by Makenna Carrico.

While in the past we have talked about the undercurrent zeitgeist of our community as a call to action through storytelling, the last 9 months have pushed the tenor to the forefront. Because of this, our intent with this piece is to give the revolutionaries a space for self care and rest. The film is designed to soothe and inspire hope.

 (28 minutes)  

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