MONDAY ~ February 1

By Anne Zander
Producer: Le Why Not Productions

All Anne wants is to feel smug, and she’s pretty sure having a baby AND a thriving career is the way to go… but right now she doesn’t have either. Through a loosely curated collection of brand new absurd digital shorts, “master of physical comedy” Anne Zander clowns her way through fertility, the creative process and the grotesque outcomes of trying to control what she produces. Anne feels so confident about this quantity over quality approach that if she’s not pregnant AND a world-renowned artist by the end of the show, you get your money back!*

Anne Zander is an actor, writer, producer and clown who seeks to find comedy through vulnerability and the grotesque. Her “painfully funny” teen-clown show and 2019 Fertile Ground debut, JUICEBOX, was Official Selection 2020 at Chicago Sketchfest, Dallas Comedy Fest and HBO’s Boston Women in Comedy Fest, after running as first ever solo show at Portland Sketchfest 2019 (Broadway World). 

*Ok, so the show is technically FREE, but your kind donations would be happily accepted.

(15 minutes) 

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