Orphic presents


By Karin Magaldi

Directed by Andrew Wardenaar

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 26, 27 @ 7:30pm

VENUE: The Shout House,
210 SE Madison St.


reservations recommended

RESERVE TICKETS:; 971-570-9273

Orphic annually commissions a playwright to write an original play inspired by a specific Greek tragedy. For this year’s project, Karin Magaldi is adapting Ajax, by Sophocles, and has titled her play Remain(s). After months of research, interviews, and rehearsal, the developing script will be presented to audiences for the first time as a workshop reading. Looking at Sophocles’ masterpiece, we have found ourselves astonished, saddened, and compelled to tell this story on the contemporary stage. Death follows those that come home from war. They can’t drink it away. It remains. The feeling that they fought for nothing will not pass. It remains. Nothing is innocent anymore, not even the lowliest beasts. The killing does not stop, and the aftermath of the slaughter is littered with remains. Not just bodies, but ghosts trapped at home and sequestered to screens. Do we hear them? Do we talk to them? Do we offer them a warm blanket and a place to sit down on a snowy night?