SUNDAY ~ January 31

Shooflies and Psilocybin
By Heath Hyun Houghton
Directed by Asae Dean
Producer: Theatre Vertigo*

Theatre Vertigo presents a new short play by ensemble member Heath Hyun Houghton. Director Asae Dean and choreographer Thien Kim Bui create a sensual and kaleidoscopic multimedia presentation that is part experimental film, part photo essay, part radio play.  A young writer, Tae Hoh (Samson Syharath) is in his home one evening.  Through an unlikely encounter with Anita Pallenberg (Jacquelle Davis), who was deeply connected with The Rolling Stones and Peter Orlovsky (Murren Kennedy), a Beat writer and Allen Ginsburg’s longtime partner, Tae Hoh comes to a turning point in this exploration of grief, inspiration and creativity.

Featuring the music of Laura Nyro.

*GROW AWARD recipient

(25 minutes)

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