Hand2Mouth presents
Slumber Party to Dismantle the Patriarchy
By Liz Hayden, Erin Leddy, Maesie Speer & Faith Helma
Directed by Jen Mitas
Dramaturgy by Lucille Dawson
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 4, 5 @ 6:30pm
VENUE: Shout House
210 SE Madison St, Portland OR 97214
BUY TICKETS: fertilegroundpdx.org
You’ve been invited to attend a slumber party to dismantle the patriarchy. Drop by during the installation and join us for the following activities: nostalgic snacks, guest interviews, music, face masks, ouija board. Bring a sleeping bag and your best patriarchy scary story to share. Get interviewed about friendship and help us build a broader perspective to understand and define how the patriarchy shows up in our lives. All are welcome. No participation required. Spectating allowed. Hand2Mouth is creating a new performance titled Slumber Party To Dismantle The Patriarchy. This performance uses the format of the slumber party to uplift sisterhood and to marshal the collective strength and wisdom of the audience in order to build a practical collection of ways and means to fight individual misogyny and structural patriarchy. Ultimately, we see Slumber Party as both an aesthetic/performed response to the persistence of white supremacy and patriarchy AND a critical reflection and revision of our company’s habitual ways of working together. The ensemble will be made entirely of women including designers and outside collaborators. This Fertile Ground workshop will be interactive and performative, and will give us experience starting the conversation and sourcing material from the community for us in the full production in May 2020.