PDX Playwrights presents


Spectravagasm 8: Drugs
by Sam Dinkowitz


Festival Dates: Jan 23, 29, 30 @ 9:30pm


Hipbone Studio
1847 E Burnside St. #104

Tickets: $10

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What about a family that takes an acid trip instead of a camping trip? Or a church that worships the healing powers of aspirin? For three years, Spectravagasm has jumped from robots to religion with absurdist sketch comedy. The “Drugs” edition focuses on just that—a full spectrum examination of criminalized, newly legalized, recreational, medicinal, healing, mind-altering chemicals and the substances we love. In Spectravagasm fashion, no one is safe in this sardonic peek at society’s ever-changing relationship with drugs, addiction and the quest for something to make you feel better. With an attention-grabbing multi-media presentation and cast of Portland’s funniest actors, Spectravagasm 8: DRUGS is guaranteed to make you laugh, then think a little bit, and then laugh some more.