Cosmic Tomato Productions presents
Sweet Iago
By David Wagstaff
Directed by David Wagstaff
FESTIVAL DATE: Feb 2 @ 2pm
VENUE: Northwest Academy Blue Box Theater
1130 SW Main Street, Portland OR 97205
TICKETS: $15; $10 student/seniors
The year is 2050. Our hero, Iago, chief strategist for the Pentagon, has been relieved of his position. He is to be replaced by the female robot, Cassia. They meet in his office to discuss matters of state, each with an agenda. Iago is acknowledged as a genius, both in the arts of war and strategy, and for his ability to speak in iambic pentameter. In short, he is the most intimidating presence. Yet Cassia possesses all the advantages of artificial intelligence. In addition, she is beautiful and the most charming robot ever to walk the digital
landscape. What ensues is Shakespearean in proportion, yet most contemporary in import. Appropriate for 18+