WildWood Productions presents
Conceived & Directed by Theresa Carmody
FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 30, Feb 6 @ 7:30pm; Feb 1, 2, 8, 9 @ 1pm
VENUE: Deep End Theatre
211 SE 11th Ave, Portland OR 97214
BUY TICKETS: fertilegroundpdx.org
A married couple, three grown children, and the rhythms of life. George and Edie reminisce about their 60 years together, the course of their lives, and the syncopated offbeats provided by their grown children. Theresa Carmody, a member of Portland’s improvised theatre community, has created a full-length play that is partially scripted, partially improvised. This show will examine what happens when the comfortable rhythms of a long-term relationship are disrupted by the syncopations of life events. What happens when emphasis is placed on beats not normally stressed? Can the relationship evolve into more complex and beautiful rhythms? Or will it break free from the beat entirely? Each night will bring new syncopations (improvised story elements) that will alter the dynamic of the relationships, making every performance a unique experience.