Whorls of Wonder Puppet Theater presents
Terran’s Aquarium
By Mary Hildebrand Nagler
Created & Directed by Mary Hildebrand Nagler
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 7, 8 @ 7pm; Feb 8, 9 @ 2pm
VENUE: Portland Metro Arts
9003 SE Stark St, Portland OR 97216
TICKETS: $15; $10 student/seniors
BUY TICKETS: fertilegroundpdx.org
Terran’s Aquarium exposes the current freshwater crisis in the world. Through the magic of puppetry, and projections the main character, young Terran, wakes to find he has no fresh water in his home! WHOA! Fresh water is integral to ALL aspects of life! He calls Plumber Andy, who, by wielding his magic pipe wrench, puts Terran through a series of magical transformations to learn about our planet’s closed system, water cycle, evaporation, condensation and much more! Our mission is to introduce our audience to the natural forms and forces of Nature they might not otherwise be exposed to. We aim to entertain through the thrill of discovery and to inspire action by imparting a growing respect for our home planet, its workings and its many wonders! Terran’s Aquarium received the 2011 Henson Foundation Family Grant to take the stage. Whorls of Wonder Puppet Theater was invited by Jane Henson
to workshop the production at the Carriage House during the P.A.T.C.H series (Puppetry at the Carriage House, NYC). It was an honor! After many years in development, we are very pleased to welcome you to our World Premiere! whorlsofwonder.com