Fuse Theatre Ensemble presents


By Sara Fay Goldman
Directed by Rusty Tennant

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 24, 27 @ 6pm; Jan 25 @ 8pm, Jan 26 @ 10pm; Jan 27 @ 2pm

ADDITIONAL RUN DATES: Jan 11, 18 @ 8pm; Jan 12, 19 @ 10pm; Jan 13 @ 2pm; Jan 17, @ 6pm

VENUE: Headwaters Theatre, 55 NE Farragut St #9, Portland OR 97211

TICKETS: $15; $10 student/seniors


The ADHD mind is uncanny – it resists promotional material, defying summary into a narrative or restriction to a single genre. Multidisciplinary solo performer, and mental health advocate, Sara Fay Goldman presents an autobiographical (if abstracted) quest for clarity and understanding. Premiering only a few years into her personal research on the subject, Sara Fay hopes to help demystify and spark conversations around the subject of mental health. Using movement, sound, stage tricks and folklore, she invites you to witness the particular trials and textures of her own quarter-life diagnosis. First investigated during Fertile Ground 2017 as a one-woman anti-circus about brain chemistry, Tether is a collage of intimate personal anecdotes surrounding the solo performer’s relatively late-in-life exposure to disability culture and identity. She explores the nature of what we call “health,” tapping into experiences people wonder about – sometimes loud experiences that come without warning! – or that many wonder whether they’re alone in. Sara Fay exposes some weird surprises that come with the territory of being a human and plumbs a particular metaphor (or, ‘pataphor, if you like) to illustrate the less erotic and more sensual and cerebral facets of BDSM, embodying her various theories and attempts at treatment.