Wilting Lily Productions presents

The Autistic Ideal

Written & Directed by Adam Ares


VENUE: Shout House, 210 SE Madison Ave., Portland OR 97214

TICKETS: $7.25


This one-person show draws on the solitary and not-so-solitary endeavors of one neurodivergent life. From tics and stims to work and social life, Adam Ares uses the outline of his own story—an ongoing novel that he writes and revises for himself—to explore questions of what we consider normal, what we pathologize, and what it means when “high-functioning” and “low-functioning” exist under the same medicalized label. Through song and poetry, analysis and catharsis, an argument emerges about the ideals that animate us and how they inform and define our identities. What does it mean to be autistic? What are the implications of claiming or denying such a label? Like so many other big questions, these can seem to be unanswerable, but they are also, for many, unavoidable. After a high school career that never quite panned out and years of odd jobs, Adam has finally found his way into a rewarding profession. Still, he realizes that this success is both tenuous and exceptional. Reflecting on his privileges and challenges, Adam watches as the story that has driven his life for so long begins to break down. In a performance that celebrates both raw expression and meticulous detail, he takes the stage to consider the responsibility that he has—and the responsibilities neurotypicals have—to others who are still reaching for a stable place in their society.