Plurality Theatre Group presents

The Doctor and the Devil

Created collaboratively by the director, performers & designers

Directed by Mac Kimmerle

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 @ 7:30pm

VENUE: New Expressive Works,
Studio 2,
810 SE Belmont St.



500 years ago, a story surfaced of a great doctor who sought to decipher the machinations of the universe and existence. His relentless search drove him to exchange his soul for power and knowledge. The Doctor and the Devil revives this historic myth of Doctor Faustus in a poignant experimental work that seeks to break the boundaries of Being. Humanity has become capable of so much since the days of Faustus, and our access to knowledge and power is only growing as we push further into our technological future. What is our relationship to the digital world we have created? What is our relationship to our growing exposure to knowledge? Through meditating on the myth of Doctor Faustus, this expressive piece of experimental theatre questions our relationship to our ever-growing capacities, and our quest for meaning.