Orphic presents

The Killing Fields

By Anya Pearson

Based on Aeschylus’ tragedy Agamemnon
Commissioned by Orphic

Directed by Andrew Wardenaar

FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 1, 2 @ 7:30pm

VENUE: Shout House, 210 SE Madison St., Portland OR 97214


The Killing Fields, by Anya Pearson, is a riveting new drama about love, loss, and the true price of vengeance. Set in 1980s East Oakland, at the height of the crack epidemic, it reimagines the Ancient Greek play, Agamemnon, through an African American lens. Combining poetic language with great humor and heart, The Killing Fields, is a fresh take on one of history’s most epic tales. Commissioned by Orphic, and directed by Andrew Wardenaar, this staged reading features some of the most talented actors Portland has to offer. Our team of young dramaturgs will lead the post-show discussions.