SUNDAY ~ February 7

The November Project
By Jessica Wallenfels, Beth Thompson & Lava Alapai
Directed by Beth Thompson
Producer: Many Hats Collaboration

In the three weeks following the election, Many Hats Collaboration will ask 20+ artists to create short dance expressions of their experiences of isolation, personal agency and uncertainty during the tumult of 2020. Initially inspired by Many Hats’ 2007 piece REST ROOM, this piece continues our inquiry into expressions of identity and isolation that occur in the privacy of bathrooms, now relocated from a public space into films made in our own home bathrooms. In the demanding immediacy of November 2020, we’ll surrender to the individual brilliance of our collaborators, the intimacy of their personal spaces, and discover what distinctions and harmonies are expressed in this moment. This collective creation will bring together Many Hats’ experience in dance theatre and its passion for community devised art into a virtual dance piece guided by lead deviser Beth Thompson, choreographer Jessica Wallenfels, video editor Lava Alapai, and composer Amenta Abioto.  We believe that each of us and our community at large have to exercise and share our experiences of grief, anger, triumph and absurdity in order to heal the collective traumas of 2020.

(12 minutes)

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