79th Avenue Festival presents

The Squeeze

Created by Clifton Holznagel

Directed by Jake Simonds

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 24, 27, & Feb 1, 2, 3 @ 8pm; Jan 26 & Feb  2 @ 10pm

VENUE: Craftsman Theatre Studio, 437 NE 79th Ave., Portland OR 97213


BUY TICKETS:|216.272.6546

Take a journey down the chakras to answer the universal question: “WHY AM I LIKE THIS?” Through the experience of a dream world woven from projection, music, performance and podcasts, The Squeeze examines the fractal nature of systems and patterns played out in chemistry, biology, neurology and society. Living in this world, you are just Sum Gai and Sum Gai is just like you. A saturation of information stimulation has Sum Gai questioning the origin and nature of their beliefs. In the spirit of August Strindberg’s A Dream Play and Alejandro Jodorowski’s The Holy Mountain, Sum Gai strives to rectify the scientific and spiritual, the physical and metaphysical, the chemical and alchemical. When the universe is wrung out, what fibers remain? Seven years ago, a series of DMT experiences left Clifton with some questions. This is the latest iteration of work he’s made in response. Fertile Ground productions ID[EA] (2015) and This Thing That We Made (2017) featured previous pieces of this process. The Squeeze and Jake Simonds’s Castaway Cabaret comprise the 79th Avenue Festival. Come any night to catch both shows, total runtime 90 minutes. Clifton and Jake are graduates of Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble’s Institute for Contemporary Performance.