THEATRE   Original Performance
Hand2Mouth Theatre
The Town of Many Names | Digital Wild West Edition
By Hand2Mouth Theater Youth Devising Residency Program
Directed by: Erin Leddy, Liz Hayden and Jenni GreenMiller
Created by: Zoe Hertlein, Kai Williams, Eleanor Black, Lynn Ledgerwood, Angela Johnston, Melena Bieker

FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 4 @ 7:30 pm     
TICKETS: Pay-What- You-Will

There’s a western brewing and it’s going down at a soon to be named time and place in a virtual setting.

PEOPLE. Do not, NOT give it credence that a group of young humans could wonder; “What would Westerns look like if they weren’t all created by old white men?”

Join us, for a new kind of Western. The Town of Many Names. Welcome to West Burrough, Golden Valley, SilverTown, also known as Barren Town – Just another place on the map, a place we call home.  Where the saloon is ‘aptly placed’ next to the Sheriff’s station, Crazy Betty sings the blues, Vic runs amok, and there’s a new Kallie in town.

This work in progress was created in workshop with the Hand2Mouth Youth Summer Devising Residency Program.  Six students gathered for 3 weeks, just 6 hours a week, to create a unique performance piece of their own devising.  They shared transformative ideas across multiple artistic and community genres to come up with this unique perspective. 

NOW – In Part 2- This group of theater creators explore the Wild West of the great Wide Web.  

Join us, February 4 for a hosted LIVE opening- digital showing- and LIVE post show talk back with the cast of creators.