Nine Bridges Press presents
The Trump Follies
By Warren Bull
Directed by Warren Bull
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 1, 2 @ 2pm
VENUE: The Legends Condominium
Garden Level Lounge
1132 SW 19th Ave, Portland OR 97205
The Trump Follies celebrates, in song and word, the end of the Trump error, um era. The self-proclaimed, “Extremely stable genius”
said things including, “Who knew health care reform would be so hard?” “Who knew what a category 5 storm was?” And, “Nobody knows what a community college is.” But heck, even geniuses don’t know everything. Our President gave us important warnings
like, “You go to the hospital. You have a broken arm. You come out and you are a drug addict.” California’s forests should be “all raked out” to prevent fires. And “Remember, new ‘environment friendly’ light bulbs can cause cancer.” Wow! Who knew that? It’s important to remember his achievements. As he said, “We have triumphed over evil like nobody has seen before.” “You know I was dealt a lot of bad hands.” “I got a small loan from my father of a million dollars.” And, “President Trump made promises, but he kept many more promises. I mean, far more than I made.” Join us for celebration of the President who’s like we will never ever see again — with any luck.