Red Balloon Theatre Collective Presents
Conceived by The Red Balloon Ensemble
Directed by Audrey O’Farrell
FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 31, Feb 1 @ 2pm; Feb 2, 3, 4, 5 @ 7:30pm
VENUE: Alberta Abbey
126 NE Alberta St, Portland OR 97211
TICKETS: $15; $10 student/industry
Within a realm of multidisciplinary art and movement-based communication, we explore THE WAYS WE COPE. The story starts with four words: AVOID, ALTER, ACCEPT, ADAPT. These words are manifested in the performers (Alanna Archibald, Kayla Hanson, Hailey Houser and Myia Johnson) and interact with each other in physical and literal ways. How would an interaction between AVOID and ACCEPT look if they were caught in an elevator? How would ADAPT react to being taught a movement to carry on? This expressionistic piece creates an unconventional experience on themes of teaching, space, and pure resilience. The core of Red Balloon’s mission is to continually choose vulnerability (or as we affectionately call it— to ‘stay soft’) and encourage a dialogue between artist and audience alike. By utilizing our resources and maintaining our stasis of empathy, we’re excited to have audiences become a part of THE WAYS WE COPE. After workshopping the inception of this piece during Shaking the Tree Theatre’s inaugural Open Space Residency in December 2018, audiences remarked that the work was “terrific, in turn fascinating, funny, and poignant. There’s something deeply gratifying about creative people being creative, untethered by rules or restrictions.” and that “It was a resonant and deeply human performance.”