Staged Reading
Mostly Harmless presents
The Zoas: I Have Seen the Future
By M. R. Faranda
Directed by Thomas Prislac


Festival Date: Jan 27 @ 8pm


The Secret Society
116 NE Russell St.

Tickets: $15

Purchase tickets:|503-493-3600


The Zoas is a serialized supernatural musical dramedy in the traditions of The Muppet Show, Twin Peaks and The Mighty Boosh. It tells the story of Matthew, an unassuming young actor enlisted by America’s premier television network to produce a live variety show in Portland, Oregon. Over seven episodes, the malevolent syndicate running the network is unmasked, and the true purpose of Matthew’s mission in Portland is revealed. The audience is introduced to the cohorts sent to protect him, and become allies in a mission to save the world. This Fertile Ground reading, I Have Seen the Future, is the pared-down first installment in our series. The audience will meet our cast of recurring characters, preview the mysteries to come, and learn that all is not as it seems, all while drinking in great musical numbers. We aim to make The Zoas a showcase for Portland’s finest purveyors of music, comedy, theatre, poetry and television. With arrangements by Broadway conductor Dan Pardo (Amazing Grace), an ensemble of award-winning actors and musicians, and a madcap musical narrative, we invite you to join us as we present an unconventional fable about learning to accept life as it is: both strange and sublime.