A group of young artists present
This Thing That We Made

Created & produced by Nate Cohen, Emily Eisele, Sean Grosshans, Clifton Holznagel & Joellen Sweeney

Festival Date: Jan 23 @ 8pm & 10pm

Venue: Imago Theatre
17 SE 8th Ave.

Tickets: $10; $5 Students

Buy Tickets: | 847.226.4113


It’s a big crazy world we live in. Sometimes you need to just stop for a minute and breathe. That’s what this is. A collective breath. This workshop of an original piece will use music, poetry, story-telling, and more as of yet unknown methods of performance and communication to dive into the notion of celebrating the here and the now. Our team is made up of young professionals who all met as part of the Third Rail Mentorship Program several years ago. Now we are taking the opportunity to build something simple and new that we hope is equal parts poignant, delightful and quirky. Our piece is about growing up, growing older, falling in love, falling out of love, and the space that exists between us. Or maybe it’s just this thing that we made.