Twilight Theater Company presents
To End All Wars
By David Ritchie
Directed by Bob Martin
FESTIVAL DATES: Feb 5 @ 3pm & 8pm
VENUE: Twilight Theater
7515 N Brandon Ave, Portland OR 97217
BUY TICKETS: At the Door
What if you could end all war, but the solution was embarrassing? Two veterans of the First World War and a female psychiatrist meet in a pub in London. Her father was their medical officer during the war and he has told her they have a secret. How will they respond when she suggests they hold the key to ending war? Surely they’ve heard that phrase somewhere before? In the second act we meet, in a railway waiting room to the North of London, older and wiser versions of the same three characters. She has qualified as a surgeon and served in China. One of the two men has married into money. The third character had a building collapse on him when a V2 bomb landed. There’s much to work out in a conversation: romance, banking, camping, the question of where the staff hid the tea before they went home. It’s a comedy with adult and serious questions at its core. Writer David Ritchie and director Bob Martin have previously collaborated on six plays.