Orphic presents
Two Takes on the Madness of Herakles: Path of Glory & Huck is Dead
Written by Josie Seid & Jeffy Denight
Dramaturgy by Sam Baldwin,
Maddie Nguyen, Phoebe Whittington & Kai Hynes
Directed by Andrew Wardenaar
FESTIVAL DATE: Feb 8 @ 7:30pm
ADDITIONAL RUN DATE: Jan 25 @ 7:30pm
VENUE: The Shout House
210 SE Madison St, Portland OR 97214
TICKETS: FREE! (reservations recommended) 
RESERVE SEATS: orphicplays.org/reserve
This year, Orphic has commissioned two playwrights, Josie Seid and Jeffy Denight, to adapt the story of Herakles (or Hercules,
if we’re going by the Roman name that most of us are more familiar with) from their different perspectives. The tragedians, Euripides and Seneca, have both written a play about the horrible day when Herakles, or Hercules, was overcome with madness and slew his wife and children. The character of Herakles/Hercules is one that has been so frequently portrayed as a white, heterosexual, male, superhuman, demigod, hero. He’s proven his versatility over the millennia, and has appeared as both a boorish brute and a clever trickster. But in terms of gender, and race, he’s rather constrained. Josie and Jeffy are breaking “him” free of that, each in their own way. Josie’s play, Path of Glory, will be presented before the festival, on January 25, with Jeffy’s play, Huck is Dead, coming two weeks later, on February 8. Both readings are free, and both will be followed by a post-show discussion led by our dramaturgs.