Northwest Theatre Workshop & PDX Playwrights present

Voodoo Snowball

By Gary Corbin

Directed by Eric Lyness

FESTIVAL DATES: Jan 25 @ 7pm (Literary Arts); Jan 26 @ 7pm (Hipbone Studio)

VENUES: Literary Arts
925 SW Washington St.;

Hipbone Studio,
1847 E. Burnside St.



Philip, a man of ritual, somehow reached his 40s without ever committing to anything—at least, nothing that matters to his parents or his almost-fiancée, Elise. But then his sister Danielle informs him that Gus, his estranged father, is dying of lung cancer and clings to life only through his wife’s prayers and his own superstition, embodied in Danielle’s gift to him of a Voodoo Snowball. Elise views Philip’s willingness to reconcile with Gus as symbolic of his ability to commit to family and, thus, to their future together. But when Philip’s half-hearted attempts fail to break through the protective shield his mother maintains around morphine-addled Gus, Elise is ready to give up on him. As Gus’ health deteriorates, Philip’s last hope is a showdown that no one—including Philip—thinks he has in him. Join us January 25 at Literary Arts for a post- reading panel discussion with professional counselors in death and dying.