VADM presents
When “WE” Cry
Created by Amber L. Trimble, Madina Keita, Diewo Keita & Valerie Yvette Peterson
Performed by M. Keita, D. Keita, V. Peterson
Directed & Produced by Valerie Yvette Peterson
FESTIVAL DATE: Feb 2 @ 5pm
VENUE: The Siren Theatre
315 NW Davis St, Portland, OR 97209
When “WE” Cry takes a look into the pain of a woman—Black Woman; and the perils that exist when these truths of pain remain
silent. The black family was forced to endure, but our silence has been costly, as we are forced to succumb to the adversities of a new world order. For generations, the black family has struggled to survive, as we continue the fight to rise above racial boundaries. When others can see themselves through our lens, we ALL can see the strengths that exist among us; creating an enlightened sense of courage to pursue collective unity among women—regardless to color, culture or gender differences. When “WE” Cry seeks to bring about awareness, o the effects in our lives, when we as women, choose to ignore our struggles; as we often times rationalize and cover up the shame. When we become embarrassed, we keep “quiet” and cope… When “WE” Cry seeks to open those painful doors to a fresh freedom in knowing that our “silence will not protect us” (Audre Lorde). For every bout of pain unabated, there lies equal power; a strength that is unequivocally seen, heard and felt through generations of strength.