Empire of Australia presents
You Can’t Get There From Here

by Wally Zialcita
based on an alternate universe conceived by Richard Kotulski

Festival Dates: Jan 28, 29 @ 12:30pm

Venue: Actors in Action
323 NE Wygant St., Ste 203

Tickets: Pay What You Wish, at the venue


Empire of Australia is an ongoing project that speculates in an alternate history of the world. Working through a variety of media, including theatre, we imagine what might have been if the world had taken a different turn in the year 1151. You Can’t Get There From Here, a stage play set in an alternate present day, asks: “What would you do if you learned that there was an ideal version of yourself? Shouldn’t you want to be that person? Shouldn’t you be willing to pay the price?” The year is 2017, and Madigan is heartbroken. Her 17-year-old son Kiley, she insists, is not himself. Madigan grieves for what Kiley should have been: tall, clever, brave, and a pretty good tap dancer. The ideal version of Kiley, the son she has loved for all of his life, should have been a happy boy. Should have been, could have been, can be. A controversial new medical procedure promises to assuage the guilt of mothers everywhere, swapping one life for another. But the buy-in is a bit steep, and Madigan is having a crisis of faith. She needs a second opinion, an 11th-hour second opinion. Is anyone out there listening?