SUNDAY ~ January 31

ZoomINstant Play Festival
By Katie Bennett, Rachael Carnes, John McDonald & Karen Polinsky
Producer: PDX Playwrights
Project produced by Kate Belden & Brad Bolchunos

This miniature Festival-within-the-Festival-within-the-Festival will be action-packed with some of the freshest material in Fertile Ground 2021. How do we know this? Because the work is deliberately created on the brink of the submission deadline and the projects will be cast, written, rehearsed and performed live from start to finish within 48 hours! The virtual cousin to our popular Crazy Dukes event, ZOOM INstant is equally incredible. Think of it as theatre on a high wire with no net. On Friday, December 4 five talented playwrights will obtain four required prompts suggested by the audience—an action, theme, line of dialogue and prop—and randomly assigned a small cast of actors. The playwrights will then write, rehearse and direct their 10-minute plays for performance 48 hours later as a raw, live event in one collective take on Sunday, December 6. Fertile Ground will present the inevitably wild results of this spectacular event. Participating playwrights who have hopped aboard the crazy train include Katie Bennett, Rachael Carnes, John McDonald, Karen Polinsky, and Nina Monique Kelly. It’s close-up, zoom-by, crazy creativity—guaranteed amazing!

(62 minutes)

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